Exclusive Video: Avery “What Chu Know”


A.F.T. and Meddler Gang Presents: Avery – “What Chu Know”

This is the first video off of Avery’s second mixtape “Only Getting Better 2″. You can check out Only Getting Better Vol. 1 on DatPiff.com.

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Shot, directed, and edited by R Streetz for All For the Team.


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Robin Williams Dead at 63


I am shocked to hear that one of my favorite actors, Robin Williams, is dead at the age of 63. It has been reported the late legend has been struggling with depression as of recent. It’s ironic how the people who make us laugh the most, bare the most pain…

Robin-WilliamsR.I.P. Robin Williams July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014

Dope Sh!t: Azonto (The African Lite Feet)



This dance might be new to you (I learned it a little less than a year ago) But it is a worldwide sensation which originated in Ghana. It reminds me of the Lite feet dance. Azonto makes me want to get back into dance myself. Ain’t nothing like some culture!


Studio Session With The Fam

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Last night I hit up T.M.E. Pro Recordings with my cousins Avery and Billz to lock in on some heat. Avery is currently working on his second mixtape entitled “Only Getting Better 2″. Which will be dropping soon. Be on the look out for it.


There was a bunch of dope art at the studio. Here’s a few pics…


photo 2

This was one of the illest place to take a leak lol


One of my favorites

photo 3 (1)

I don’t know what this means but it’s dope lol

photo 5

Had to capture this creep tryna spy on me taking a piss o.0

This piece is made of pieces of wood. Dope!

I really like the assortment of colors in this one.

photo 1 (2)

X marks the spot.

Tags galore!

photo 1

That bathroom is tagged up like crazy!


photo 4 (3)

Out of this world.

photo 3 (3)


photo 2 (3)

Demons and Angels

photo 1 (3)

Something graceful yet sinister about this one.

photo 5 (2)

Lady in red.

photo 3

The fam Avery (Left) and Billz (Right)

photo (1)

My boy Avery locking in in the booth. The homie Firan on the boards.


Shout out to T.M.E. Pro Recordings for the hospitality and great service!

A peek into my soul…


Dark Souls

First off I would like to say thank you for visiting my site, I truly appreciate it ! =) I decided I’m going to let you guys know a little bit about myself every once in a while.

Just a peek…

Some of you may already know me as the producer/rapper/entrepreneur R Streetz. Some of you may know me as Rich (considering that’s my name lol). Very few of you call me by the nickname “Richie” lolol That is my name after all; Richard Streeter, hence, the name

R Streetz

No gimmicks here bruh lol

Ok so a bit about me…

I’m a natural born scientist, It’s in my nature. Trust me I’ve completed numerous personality tests, Including Enneagrams, which are eerily accurate. I can’t help but analyze or process information quickly; It’s in my DNA. I can see something and that thing will spark many different thoughts and ideas at once. Much more than I can even express at times it is a lot to process. X.X (One of the traits that make me a better writer than speaker )

I’ve been called an overthinker about 3-5 times in my life lol. Trust it all happens in an instant, however…The only time I really overthink something is when I have no closure. If it is something of import than I will press the issue. I used to be unable to leave a misunderstanding up in the air it doesn’t sit right in my soul. (If I feel a way, trust, I will adress it!) One thing I do know is sometimes it isn’t worth it to seek closure. At the end of the day I don’t stress it either way. I can let go of the things I can’t change. Sometimes we have no choice and that’s just LIFE! I truly enjoy engaging with others on an intellectual level it is very stimulating for me. If you FOLLOW ME on instagram you know I truly relish in debate.

Growing up most of the games I played engaged my mind. Yu-gi-oh, Pokemon, Chess, Final Fantasy and any other strategy or turn based RPG game, engaged my mind phenomenally. They also require A LOT of reading. You also had to be very technical to excel at any of these types of games. Even when playing sports I would always engage in a technical manner. My techniques would trump other kids who seemed more able.

It’s funny because I wasn’t really into the shows at all (yu-gi-oh, pokemon) they were cool but I’d much rather have an experience that I can interact with and have some level of control in the outcomes. (this is why I’d rather play a dope video game than watch a movie).

Reading is different because even though the plot was already layed out, you still had a certain level of control. You could use your imagination to create the world you were in. The way the characters looked, their environment, voices, etc..

(I know I’m deviating I don’t care muahahaha >=])

I understand why some people would consider games like pokemon, maplestory, and all that other crap as “childish”. Here’s a few reasons:

1. They are very colorful and most (certainly not all) adults find darker, or neutral, solid colors to be more appealing. Hence the term “Fruity” lol

2. They tend to be overly, dramatic, jolly, and/or cheesy. I’m sure you know why this wouldn’t appeal to most adults, as we grow up life tends to suck the joy out of us. I’ve seen people get upset or disturbed all because the people around them were to happy lololol fucking tight asses. What type of shit is that! (See what I did there? Did ya?)

3. The shows and other media related to these brands usually target younger audiences. This is pretty much genius marketing because the people who created these games are grown ass people. Many of them were much older than I am during the inception of said brands.

They understand the paradigms. They know children will nag an adults soul out of their bodies in order to get what they want and they don’t give a fuck about anyone’s judgement. They like what they like that’s it foh lol.

All this being said, never let go of your fucking childhood; it’s what made you awesome!

Words from a grown ass kid…

P.S. (Don’t worry we have plenty of time to get to know each other) =)